Welcome to San Diego Blog | January 10, 2010

New Construction in Downtown San Diego

For Downtown San Diego condo owners at Alta condos, The Mark condos, The Legend condos and ParkLoft condos, there is no need to worry about the new construction that has just begun at the block bound by 7th and 8th Avenues and Market and Island.

The project is not the original “7th and Market” mixed use condominium project that was once proposed.  Because of the economy, this project has been put on hold indefinitely.

The construction consists of the demolition of the existing parking lot. The Center City Development Corporation owns the lot and is planning on excavating, shoring, and performing environmental remediation. Once this is complete, they will reconstruct of a portion of the parking lot.

Funding for this project will come from a $1.5 million State of California Orphan Site Cleanup (OSCA) Grant and private settlement agreement funds. It may be a while before we see any new large scale residential condominium projects in Downtown San Diego.

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  1. Abel Delaremore says:

    I’m impressed! It’s good to see someone very well informed about what they do. Looking forward to future posts.Cheers!

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