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Stroller Strides San Diego

IMG_3262Stroller Strides is an excellent fitness workout as well as a place of camaraderie, support and fun with other moms and babies.  I started going to Stroller Strides when my son, Evan, was 6 months old, but many moms start much sooner, even as early as with a 6-week-old newborn.  Each class begins with babies/kiddos in their strollers in a circle with moms behind for warm-up exercises led by our awesome instructor, introductions and announcements.  Once we’re “warmed-up” we move to our first station, either running or walking depending on each mom’s choice, and at the station we do exercises with resistance bands, cardio drills, etc.  We typically move 4 or 5 times to new stations, ending with mats down for Abs.  It is a great workout!  The instructor provides different levels of difficulty and modifications of exercises to meet each mom’s exercise level, any injuries, etc.  The only rule is that the babies/kiddos have to stay in the stroller (or little ones can be worn in a carrier such as a Baby Bjorn if necessary) during the 1-hour exercise class.

Once class has ended with “our most important stretch – a smile” the babies/kiddos are free to get out of their stroller and play time commences.  We also have wonderful Play Group Captains that plan organized play groups about twice per week, which include art projects, story time, playing with various toys, and more!  It is a great time for the babies/kiddos (ages ranging from weeks old to 3-4 years old) to interact.  This is also a great time for moms to talk, share ideas and enjoy adult conversation. 

IMG_1946As a new mom, Stroller Strides has helped me tremendously.  Having the support of other moms has been immeasurable and I have made wonderful friends.  I have had so many questions along the way and being able to ask other moms who have been through the same thing is so helpful.  The moms really help each other out with great ideas, support and really go the extra mile with things such as meal service for moms right after the delivery of a new baby.   Monthly Mom’s Night Out events are a great time too!  And it’s a great way to get back in shape after pregnancy!

Stroller Strides has locations throughout San Diego County, throughout the United States actually.  I am part of the North Park group which originally held its classes at the beautiful Balboa Park.  We are currently, and temporarily, meeting at Tidelands Park in Coronado due to permit issues with the City of San Diego and the use of Balboa Park.  We have many people working diligently to resolve this issue and we are very hopeful that we will be back in Balboa Park soon.  Coronado is a beautiful place to hold class in the meantime. 

You can find a class near you on the Stroller Strides’ website.  There are also classes geared for pregnant moms called Fit for Baby, although many pregnant moms continue to attend the Stroller Strides classes as well.  I encourage all moms of stroller-age babies/kiddos to come to a class!

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