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Downtown San Diego Redevelopment

Downtown San Diego has been enjoying a major revitalization since 1975 when more than $1.45 billion have been publicly invested and matched by $13 billion of private funds—a robust 9:1 private to public ratio. Today, downtown San Diego generates more than $50 million annually in overall sales and transient occupancy taxes, which flow directly to the city’s General Fund to support the entire San Diego community.

San Diego’s downtown has developed to be a wonderful city with a great mix of Downtown San Diego Condos, Downtown San Diego Lofts, Parks, Businesses, Entertainment and Hotels. We see a great future for San Diego and the C Street Master plan is just the next piece of the puzzle in upholding the name, “America’s finest City”.

Downtown San Diego C Street Master Plan


The 2006 Downtown San Diego Community Plan envisions C Street as a main transportation and business corridor in the area. To accomplish the visions and goals set forth by the plan, CCDC and several partner agencies have been working on a C Street Master Plan.

To advance removal of blight on C Street, support the businesses along the corridor and improve safety in line with the Master Plan’s long-term goals, in 2009 the CCDC Agency designated $283,500 for area safety enhancements and public improvements.

Expected to go out for public bid in early 2010, the planned remedies will complement future plans and include replacing tall, overgrown, mismatched landscape with drought-tolerant low-lying plants, updating streetlights and repairing missing curbs. These updates will enhance the area by making it easier to police, increasing visibility of businesses’ storefronts and improving the walking experience.

This is just the beginning for the C Street Corridor, but the overall plan to redevelop the C Street Corridor will probably take the next 7-10 years. The redevelopment will benefit owners of San Diego condos at buildings like Vantage Point Condos and The Sé Condos.


Redevelopment Downtown San Diego

The long term plan will be to make this corridor more like a European promenade with restaurants, cafés, boutiques and retail stores. We have a long way to go, but the development of Downtown San Diego is underway and forward progress is being made even in what are seen as “tough economic times” for the City of San Diego.

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