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Downtown San Diego’s Quiet Zone

As downtown San Diego continues to sustain a substantial increase in residents living adjacent to railroad tracks and crossings, noise and safety are major concerns for the community. The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has finalized legislation to limit the noise from train horns in residential areas, in response to Downtown San Diego Condo owners.


CCDC is moving forward with an application to the FRA to designate a Quiet Zone at downtown San Diego’s 13 grade crossings (Park Boulevard to Laurel Street) to reduce locomotive horn noise. It would be the largest urban Quiet Zone in the nation. 

This is huge progress for the Little Italy and Columbia District neighborhoods.  Residents at Bayside San Diego Condos, Breeza San Diego Condos and Doma San Diego Condos are counting their blessings because the conductors blowing their horns are a constant annoyance for these homeowners.

San Diego Quiet Zone Improvements

Plans to establish a Quiet Zone include improving the railroad crossings with safety enhancements such as additional gates, medians, traffic signals and warning lights.  The Park Boulevard improvements will be constructed as a separate project and will include similar safety enhancements to comply with the Quiet Zone designation.

The $20.6 million estimated project cost will be funded by Redevelopment Agency taxincrement financing.  Construction is expected to begin in summer 2010.

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