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Downtown San Diego Quiet Zone

We’ve all been hearing about the quiet zone for years and if you are a Downtown San Diego Condo owner in Little Italy, Columbia District, or the Marina District, then you know just how important this is to the residents of downtown. A number of the finest properties Downtown San Diego are located adjacent to the train tracks and feel the brunt of the train’s blaring horns.


A Big Win For Downtown San Diego Condo Owners

The San Diego Downtown Quiet Zone will make safety enhancements to thirteen railroad crossings in downtown San Diego. When the safety enhancements are complete, downtown San Diego will qualify for a federal Quiet Zone designation, by which trains do not have to routinely blow their horns through the rail crossings. This means no 5:30am train horn wake up for the residents at Doma Condos & lofts, The Grande Condos and Bayside Condos.

Some of the new safety enhancements include medians, additional vehicle and pedestrian gates, additional lights, and seven new traffic signals adjacent to the railroad crossings. There are also plans to convert G Street to a one-way street from Pacific Highway to Front Street to alleviate the confusion at this intersection. Residents at Park Place Condos are extremely pleased that the train will no longer have to blow its horn on a regular basis.

The estimated completion date for the quiet zone project is late 2011


According to Derek Danziger, bids are being put together right now and should be turned in to CCDC by the end of next month. Once they have the bids, then CCDC must present the bids to the City Council for approval. Once approved, construction will be underway. The funds have already been set aside by CCDC so at this point, it boils down to getting the logistics worked out.

 San Diego will experience a fine day when the Amtrack, Coaster and Freight trains will cross the intersections in silence.

For more detailed information, call Scott Johnson, 619-533-7108

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