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Expansion at The University Club San Diego

The University Club sits perched at the top of Symphony Tower, Downtown San Diego’s tallest building. It is located Downtown San Diego’s Core District. It is known as San Diego’s premier business club, but it is about to take on a whole new attitude.

San Diego University Club View

Downtown San Diego University Club

The University Club will be expanding to take up the entire top floor of the building. With the new expansion come some welcome and much needed changes.

First of all, the club will be adding a much larger casual area. The biggest gripe amongst members of the club is that it is a business only type club. The expansion will bring a bar area that will be more than twice the size of the current bar area. They will shift the focus so the patrons, rather than the bartender, have the best view in the house. They will also be refurnishing the bar area and will be adding some booths so a group of four can comfortably sit at a table and have a casual meeting.


There will also be some change to the current dress code to allow jeans in the casual area. It seems like the new general manager, gets the younger crowd and the desire to be able to make an appearance minus the suit or professional business attire.

On the East side of the building, they will be adding more lounge type space with comfortable sofa’s and areas for people to set up laptops to do some work.  This includes the addition of a small room for taking a private phone call.  They are also planning on adding a multimedia room that will have one of the largest screens in downtown San Diego.  With the addition of the multi-media room, they will be hosting the viewing of special sporting and music events.

The integrity of the club will not be compromised at all as the Members of the University Club will continue to enjoy benefits and programs designed to suit the needs of business executives.

The Club’s facilities will still include the spectacular dining room with panoramic view of the San Diego skyline as well private rooms available for business meetings and private events or parties.

Once the changes are complete, the Club’s event calendar will start to include more social and networking mixers, theatre and music events, wine tastings, and much more.

With the new changes taking place, we expect to see many young professionals in Downtown San Diego get involved in the club.  Many Downtown San Diego Condo owners are very excited.  For many, the casual component will make the club much more user friendly and will allow them to bring business clients in on a more comfortable level.

Construction is expected to be complete in late 2010. For more information, please contact Kasey Faulkner at casey.falkner@ourclub.com

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