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A New Chargers Stadium in Downtown San Diego?

The idea of building a new Chargers Stadium in Downtown San Diego’s East Village is currently a hot topic. We have see the outstanding effect of building the Padres Petco Park in Downtown, but would building a new Charger’s Stadium have similar results? What is the likelihood that the new stadium would become a reality?

New Chargers Stadium

This and more will be discussed tomorrow, April 15, in Del Mar at the Hilton off of Jimmy Durante near the race track. The BIA- Builders International Associationwill be hosting Mark Fabiani, Special Counsel to the President for the San Diego Chargers. He is a captivating and dynamic speaker who will be sure to offer renewed excitement about what the future of the building industry in San Diego will hold.

The event will take place tomorrow morning from 7:30am to 9am and will host a breakfast. The cost is $45 for BIA Members and $85 for Non-Members. You can still register online at www.biasandiego.org

Although I will not be able to attend this exciting meeting, we do have one of our associates who will attend and will share the exciting details later this week. I personally believe the new Stadium would be a wonderful new addition to downtown San Diego.

The addition of the new stadium would expedite the re-gentrification of the east side of East Village that is currently still filled with blight and unsafe areas. The new stadium would bring more private development including hotels, retail stores, restaurants, residential condominiums and even commercial office space.

The amount of tax dollars CCDC and the city would receive would help pay for improvements like public parks, street improvements, new sidewalks, safety enhancements, police and fire stations.

With LA and Orange county not having their own NFL team, this would draw more non San Diego fans to the games and would really make the city of San Diego a fun and lively city. If you live in San Diego and see the impact the Padres games have on local businesses, then you have an idea of how much the Chargers games and the crowd that comes along with them would contribute to the economy of our city.

Share your ideas about the idea of building a new Chargers Stadium in Downtown San Diego. Do you think it is a good or bad idea? Why?

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  1. backpacks for college says:

    Do you feel we are going to use our 1st round pick or parlay them into more picks. I think we have to have some much more depth on the D-Line and perhaps an extra RB. Hope they get it perfect this time around.

  2. Hopefully we get a good first round draft pick and then beef up the Offensive Line. It will be an interesting year. We are going to watch the draft at Fleetwood in East Village with a good group if you want to meet up.

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