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Downtown San Diego Leash Free Dog Parks

There will be a meeting at CCDC on Tuesday, May 11th from 6-7pm at the Downtown Information center located at Horton Plaza.  The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the interim leash free dog park concept.  CCDC will be giving a presentation to illustrate their ideas on how we can make a temporary leash free dog park work for downtown residents and their pets until something permanent can be planned, approved and constructed.

Although there are not currently any “leash free” dog parks near downtown, it is not uncommon to see groups of pet owners with their dogs running off leash at places like Amici Park in Little Italy.  Amici Park is not normally policed, but it seems like a few times a year animal control will show up and issue tickets.  The sentiment of most residents is that they are going to continue to bring their furry friends to the park where they can run freely and will just chance a run-in with animal control.

I also see folks with their dogs running loose at the County Administration building, however there is always security and they will frequently request that you leash your pets.  At times, pet owners even let their dogs run free on MLK walk in the Marina District, but this is less common due to the constant traffic of pedestrians.

If you are a pet owner, it is important for you to attend this event and be an advocate for your k-9 companions.  The goal for many of us is to have a well balanced city with live, work and play all integrated.  I believe there needs to be a place in this plan for the many dogs we have here in downtown.  Show your support by attending, of if you cannot attend, reply to this email and we will read your replies at the event for you.

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