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La Vita San Diego Condo Improvements

La Vita San Diego condos located in Downtown San Diego’s Little Italy see major improvements. Since the switch from Action Property Management to Curtis Property Management, La Vita Condos have experienced positive progress. The La Vita HOA Manager Stephan Gunderson along with the HOA board have made some excellent changes to the building complex.

La Vita HOA is Outstanding

IMG_4054The most apparent change is the new potted plants that were added at the La Vita lobby entrances to both the main tower at 300 W Beech Street and the mid-rise tower at 1580 Union.  The pots and plants flow with the other potted plants in the neighborhood on the street corners and just add a nice touch to entry areas.

Upon entering the building, visitors will most likely notice the wall colors have changed.  The interior hallways and lobby were once a soft tan color which was a safe and neutral color.  The walls have not only been repainted, but they have a new and lively color scheme which includes a bright orange, olive green and a softer green contrast.  They have also added stainless steel corner edges to all of the wall corners in the high traffic areas.  The La Vita condo walls and lobby’s feel much more lively now than they did before. 

La Vita Garage GateOne of the most functional changes include the addition of a new garage entry and exit gate.  The old gate was a roll up gate that frequently broke and had many problems.  The new gate swings in and is a solid aluminum gate rather than a wobbly roll up style gate.  This new gate not only looks nicer than the old one, but the reliability should be far superior and security should be better.

La Vita HOA Improvements to Common Areas

There have also been a few changes in some of the La Vita Amenity areas. First of all, in the fitness room, there is a new bicycle and a new elliptical machine.  In the lounge area located just outside the fitness center, the HOA removed a wetbar that was rarely used and replaced it with a larger open space for a table for meetings.  Overall, the changes in the amenity room seem to make more sense than what the builder, Intergulf, had originally built. 

La Vita HallwaysThe benefits owners at La Vita enjoy are a great Little Italy location, low HOA dues for the resort style amenities offered and good floorplans with excellent views to towards the San Diego Bay, interior courtyard, or the surrounding city.

For information regarding homes for sale at La Vita, Give us a Call at 619-309-8011.

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