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Survey Select | New Art Museum Downtown San Diego

Survey Select is a contemporary art exhibition in Downtown San Diego that defines the inspired state of modern art with an eclectic assembly of 63 internationally renowned artists.  Survey Select sets out to celebrate the narrative tradition of storytelling with original artworks created exclusively for the event.  The exhibition features a diverse representation of drawings, paintings, sculptures and writings that will set the stage for future art movements in San Diego.

Survey Select is the first Major Exhibition created to introduce the Museum of narrative arts, a museum and civic project dedicatd to the enrichment of literature and fine arts storytelling

Survey Select San Diego Location and Dates

The Survey Select exhibition, events and workshops will be held in the Wonderbread Factory, a 5,000 sq/ft Warhol-inspired warehouse museum setting in downtown San Diego’s East Village Neighborhood just to the East of Petco ParkThe exhibition will be open to the public Friday, July 16th through September 5th.  Residents of Icon San Diego and Park Terrace will really enjoy their close proximity to this fine event.

Murphy Art

Contemporary Arts Salon – Survey Select pays homage to curators and fine art salons from the 1920’s that continue today.  The essential arts salon ingredient is a centralized theme, in this case “narrative storytelling” with featured inter-disciplinary artists including poets, musicians, performers, critics, fine artists and philosophers.  The arts salon inspired the surrealist art movement, which then flourished in the visual arts, literature, music and film.  The surrealists broke away from the conventions of realism, rejected rationality, experimented and were not afraid to celebrate the macabre.  Survey Select looks to inspire new thinking in the world of contemporary art by celebrating a unique style of narrative that evades intellectual labeling. 

Community Events San Diego Survey Select

Weekly community offerings include educational workshops, dramatic presentations, narratives, discussion, scholarships, film screenings, musical guests and artist receptions to inspire open dialogue, critical thinking, hands-on experiences and a presentation of diverse points of view.    Various workshops include Zine Magazine Workshop, Artist lecture series and presentation featuring Jeff Soto, a creating producst workshop and more.

Artists include, but are not limited to:

Marshall Arisman, Shawn Barber, David Michael Bowers, Kelsey Brookes, William Buzell, Victor Castillo, Kevin Christy, Rob and Christian Clayton, Hugo Crosthwaite, Dalek, Brendan Danielsson, Daniel Davidson, Daniel Martin Diaz, Scott Daniel Ellison, P-Jay Fidler, Kyle Field, AJ Fosik, Titi Freak, Frohawk Two Feathers, Matt Furie, Robert Hardgrave, Maya Hayuk, Lars Henkel, Ryan Heshka, Micah Ganske, Henry Gunderson, James Jean, David Jien, Mi Ju, Mel Kadel, James Kirkpatrick, Hiro Kurata, Tasha Kusama, Dan Kennedy, David Choong Lee, Anthony Lister, Ashley Macomber, Mario Martinez (Mars1), Sean McGaughey, Jacob Magraw Mickelson, Brendan Monroe, Barbara Nessim, Irene Hardwicke Olivieri, Kevin Paulsen, Anthony Pontius, Albert Reyes, Souther Salazar, Erik Mark Sandberg, Bonnie M Smith, Jeff Soto, Rachell Sumpter, Mark Todd, Edwin Ushiro, Miss Van, Oliver Vernon, Marco Wagner, Esther Pearl Watson, Eric White, Kent Williams, Martin Wittfooth, Justin Wood and Marco Zamora.

For more information on this event contact Mark Murphy at murphy@murphydesign.com

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