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New Hodad’s Burger Joint Set to Open Downtown San Diego

Ocean Beach’s ever so Famous Burger Joint, “Hodad’s” will be opening up a new restaurant this fall in Downtown San Diego.  It will be located in the East Village Neighborhood off of Broadway and 10th Avenue.  The Hodad’s in O.B. has been a favorite with locals and tourists and is always packed, but how will the new place do in Downtown?


I have discussed the new Hodad’s with both colleagues and friends and so far everybody seems to be excited about the grand opening.  Downtown needs a few more casual restaurants where you don’t need to be dressed in designer jeans & a button up shirt.  If you take places like The Burger Lounge in Little Italy and look at how busy they are, you can see there is a lot of potential for the new Hodad’s.  Nikki Rotten’s and  Bare Backer are also both successful burger joints that have their usual patrons.

Hodad’s Burgers, Brews and Shakes in Downtown San Diego

Hodads foodAlthough the location is not in the Gaslamp Quarter, it is a high traffic area and will get a lot of exposure from vehicle entering into downtown of the 163 freeway.  It’s this type of location that will be either really good or really bad, but we think it is all going to work out.

With their fabled slogan, “No, shirt, no shoes, no problem”, Hodad’s will no doubt be a favorite with the young local crowd.  What I like about places like Hodad’s is that they let the culture grow organically.  The restaurant will start with some decorations, but will take on what it patrons decide is appropriate.  Any little trend like somebody writing a saying on a dollar bill and taping it to the wall can just take off with the wall covered with hundreds of dollar bills in just a short time.  I know, it’s a bad example, but Hodad’s will promise to offer up something interesting that will grow on its new downtown San Diego home.

Although the new Hodad’s will be a more than a few blocks from most downtown San Diego lofts, it will be close to Vantage Pointe and Smart Corner, two of Downtown’s newest condo projects.  Welcome to the neighborhood friends!  Call us today for information on East Village real estate for sale.

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