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Condo Rentals Downtown San Diego

If you are looking for help with condo rentals downtown San Diego, look no further.  We are  a full service real estate company and specialize in Real Estate sales, leasing, rentals and property management in Downtown San Diego.   Save time, energy and money by working with our professionals that know all of the downtown condo complexes and will help you negotiate a deal for a great downtown condo or apartment.

Looking to Rent a Condo downtown San Diego?

 If you want to rent a condo, loft or apartment in downtown San Diego, then you will need to start by filling out an application to rent.   You will need to submit the application along with a credit report for any property you would like to be considered as a tenant.  It is best to fill out the application prior to looking at properties so you are all ready to submit it once you discover the perfect downtown San Diego rental property.

What costs does a tenant incur working with Dannecker & Associates for rental properties?

In most cases, the property owner pays us for tenant placement so there would be no cost for the tenant.  Every now and then a landlord for a condo rental downtown San Diego won’t offer a commission and would expect the tenant to pay for the services rendered.  In this case, we charge $500 for tenant placement which hardly covers our liability in the transaction.  Keep in mind, this rarely happens and we have no control over other brokerages landlords or what they input on the San Diego MLS.

 We also charge $30 for a credit report fee per person or per married couple .  If you are going to  rent a condo downtown San Diego with a roommate, then it is generally $30 per person because we need to pull a credit report for each tenant that is applying to be on the lease.  What if you already have a credit report?  A landlord may or may not accept a credit report that you provide because they are so easy to alter that most landlords want a recent report from our agency.

If you are interested in looking for a Downtown San Diego rental property, Give us a Call at 619-309-8011 or send us an email and we will send you the latest rental properties via email for your review.  We are ready to HELP 7 days a week so let’s get started.

rentals downtown San Diego

Property Management for downtown San Diego Condos

In our many experiences with landlords regarding downtown San Diego rental property, we have discovered that the majority of landlords don’t want to pay for “full service” property management.  Because we listen to our clients input, we have developed two different types of property management.

Tenant Placement for Downtown San Diego Rental Properties – Partial Service

  •  We charge 6%  as a fee for our tenant placement services.  Of this 6% commission,  3%  is offered to the tenant’s broker.  For example, if a landlord agrees to accept a tenant for a 12 month lease at $2000/month, such landlord would receive an invoice with 2 charges. (one for $720 to Urban Real Estate Services and one for $720 to the brokerage that represented the tenant).
  • We gather applications to rent and pull credit reports, do criminal background checks and even do a terrorist search to provide landlords with both so they can review them to make the final decision as to whether they want to approve the tenant.  We also seach the San Diego Court system to make sure the prospect does not have any judgements or evictions on file.  We don’t make decisions for landlords based on accepting or declining tenants, but we certainly make recommendations based on our past experiences.
  •  We do a verbal verification of employment, and will call references, but we highly recommend that the landlord call the references to help them make their final decission.
  • We put together the lease and gather the deposit and first month’s rent for landlord. We can help tenant figure out electronic billpay if landlord wants to provide a bank account number for deposits.
  •  We do a move in and move out inspection and take pictures and document the condition of property both before and after tenant. We can help with figuring out how much security deposit, if any, can be withheld at the end of the lease.
  •  We market the property via many online publications including Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com, Craigslist, postlets, hotpads, the MLS and more. 
  •  We print up window flyers in the front window of our Marina District office located at 620 First Avenue.
  • We show the property and arrange showings for other agents.
  • If there is a problem during the term of the lease with plumbing, electrical, appliances, etc we do not handle “fixing those problems”, but we de receive the phone call from the tenant and do request authorization from landlord to send out a professional to fix the issue.  The landlord is responsible for payments for any work rendered.
  • Given  the fact that most downtown San Diego condos are relatively new buildings and require very little maintenance, this limited service is what most of our landlords prefer for managing rentals in downtown San Diego.  If you would rather pay more and be completely “hands off” on managing your property, then you want our full service property management.

Full Service Property management for Downtown San Diego rental property

  • For full service property management, we charge 9% for services rendered.  Full service makes it so the landlord will not have contact with the tenant unless they desire to do so.
  • Our full service property management includes the same services above, but we collect rent on a monthly basis and we mail the landlord a check.  In contrast to our tenant placement program, we do not charge the landlord upfront fees for our services.  Instead, we collect 6% of the rent at the time of payment.  For example, if the rent is $2000/month, then upon collection of rent, we would mail the landlord a check for $1880 which is $2000 less the 6% or $120.
  • The landlord does, however, pay the tenants broker 3% for placing the tenant.  For example.  If the lease were $2000/month for 12 months, then the landlord would pay the tenant’s broker $720 for bringing the tenant.
  • Our full services also include Dannecker & Associates and Urban Real Estate Services handling any potential issues that require vendors.  For example, if there were a leaky faucet, the tenant would call us and we would schedule a plumber to go evaluate the issue.  The plumber would call us with an analysis and estimated cost and the landlord would approve the correction.  We would send the invoice along to the landlord for payment.  This would also include scheduling steam cleaning or cleaning services between tenants.

If you don’t want to deal with tenants calling to say the rent is going to be late or that they locked themselves out of the property, then leave the work to us.  We are happy to handle your full service property management needs.  Give us a Call and we will get the process started: 619-309-8011

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