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San Diego’s Waterfront

Construction is underway along the Embarcadero in downtown San Diego. This fully funded redevelopment project is called North Embarcadero Visionary Plan (NEVP), and is going to have a dramatic impact on our waterfront, increasing downtown’s allure.

The project will expand and beautify the area along Harbor Drive, and “the boardwalk” that runs the length of the bay. Its vision entails attractive, usable public space while connecting downtown’s city life to the waterfront, San Diego Bay.

The Waterfront – Columbia District

Enhancements to the waterfront will include wider sidewalks and walkways, public parks and greenbelts, art displays, street lighting, and water fountains. CCDC provides detailed information on the project in a 5-minute video using colorful graphics.

The parking lots on each side of the County Administration Building which is located between Harbor Drive and Pacific Highway will be transformed into a giant playground where state-of-the-art parks will feature a water fountain big enough for children to play.

Waterfront Redevelopment

Ruocco Park at west end of Embarcadero, by Seaport Village is currently undergoing construction. It’s an inviting alternative to what was once a parking lot, soon to be a lovely, open space, green public park for picnics and lounging.

Other development, though technically not a part of NEVP but close enough to mention, located by Broadway Pier, three parking lots are slotted for residential high rises and hotels which may partially affect bay and city views for current front row residents, however, residents will gain views over beautiful landscaped gardens, courtyards, trees and pools.

Millions of dollars have been dedicated to the invigoration of downtown’s waterfront; it’s an exciting place to live and invest. Please call me if you would like more information, or a list of current properties for sale (619) 246-8400.

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