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Cowboy Star – East Village Steakhouse & Bourbon Bar

Proprietors, Jon Weber and Chef Victor Jimenez

Jon had a vision of a cowboy themed restaurant based on childhood memories of the ‘movie star cowboy’ like Roy Rogers & John Wayne.  He had to struggle to get the right mix of casual elegance.  His vision was realized through architect Matthew Ellis from Blue Motif Architecture.  No room for kitcshy here… the result… “Cowboy Star”.   A perfect mix of comfortable casual and elegant dining.   The sound of old Hollywood country crooners will set the mood while you indulge in your prime rib.

The story goes that the original property was a family home and the owner seems to be happy with the restaurant.  During the construction of Cowboy Star, they found the hearth from the home that originally stood in the early 1900’s.  This hearth is used in the existing design under the fireplace in the private dining room.  Every morning the early staff opens the door and hears a distinctive ‘whistle’.  Seemingly welcoming the individual.

This welcoming nature is felt with from the bartenders to the kitchen.  Located at 640 10th Avenue,  San Diego CA 92101. Cowboy Star is a must for the local and a meal to remember for an out-of-towner.

The restaurant was Voted Silver Fork Award 2010 and recently celebrated its 4 year anniversary.

A must try cocktail is the Mae West made with basil.  Don’t miss out on Supper Sundays and Fish Fridays.

Video of Garth from Union Tribune

Link to Website :   http://www.thecowboystar.com/


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