Welcome to San Diego Blog | February 8, 2013

Real Estate Inventory Down

Where have all the properties gone?  You’ve been hearing about it in the news and as agents, we’ve really been feeling the squeeze with very few properties available for sale.  There are plenty of buyers out there and the market is starting to heat up dramatically.  A friend of mine sent me this pictograph and I thought it was definitely worth posting.  Pictures sometimes say a thousand words.

Real Estate Available Year over Year

Keep in mind, this is not referring to prices.  This pictograph is referring to the number of properties available and the percentage associated with such.  It’s not just San Diego or California, it’s happening nationwide.

Interestingly enough, you’ll notice that San Diego and San Francisco are the two key metropolitain areas with the least inventory.  What could this mean?  I’d expect prices to run up as it boils down to the simple economics of supply and demand.  San Diego is a great place to live with fantastic climate and a fair job industry.  San Diego will likely remain one of the top ten markets in the nation for 2013.

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