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Real Estate Prices Rising

Where Does San Diego rank among other major metropolitain cities for fastest rising prices in real estate?

How Did San Diego Real Estate Perform?

Although San Diego didn’t make the list for the top 7 metros with the fastest rising list prices, don’t be fooled.  Because San Diego was one of the first cities in the United States to rebound off the bottom, it’s acceleration of prices has slowed slightly.  According to Dataquick, in the past 12 months, prices for Downtown San Diego real estate have risen 31.2% for combined condos and single family homes.

For central San Diego as a whole, prices have risen 21.3% so we literaly just missed the cut on the above infographic chart.  East County San Diego properties are up 19.3% for the median sales price while North County Inland San Diego is up 22.7%.  North County Coastal San Diego real estate is up 21.1% and South County San Diego median home price is up 19.9%.

Although these other areas aren’t considered Metropolitain, it’s pretty clear where the market is going.   If you are interested in buying or selling San Diego real estate, now is a good time.  Let us help you get started today: 619-309-8011.

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