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Horton Plaza Downtown San Diego

Horton Plaza has been a hot topic of conversation around Downtown San Diego since the new year began. The slightly worn centerpiece to the downtown retail scene has undergone some serious changes.  With much more to come in the VERY near future, the future looks bright at Horton Plaza.

Jimbo’s Market Coming Soon


Opening October 2013

Downtown residents will soon have access to a natural food grocery store, that is locally owned and operated, when Jimbo’s Naturally opens at Westfield Horton Plaza late this summer.

Jimbo’s, known for their incredible selection of local and organic produce, as well as hormone free beef, poultry and pork will transform the former Mervyn’s store with a made from scratch bakery, a refreshing juice bar, a huge selection of local wines and cheeses and a large prepared foods section which should offer an appealing option for eat in or take out for downtown San Diego’s business customer and residents.

Customers will be able to access the store from both the mezzanine level of the center and First Avenue. Preferred parking for the store will be located on Level 4 of the centers fruit parking garage.

Horton Plaza Park

Horton Plaza Park from Diamond-Production Group on Vimeo.

In conjunction with the City of San Diego, Westfield has broken ground on a new world-class urban plaza. Horton Plaza Park will be rehabilitated to the regional treasure it once was. This project is the result of a unique partnership that will create a dynamic central gathering space with an interactive fountain, food pavilions and an amphitheater.

The new Horton Plaza Park will be activated by 75 events in the first year increasing to over 200 events by year 4 that will celebrate our diverse cultural, spiritual and community traditions. Potential uses and activities for Horton Plaza Park include but are not limited to:

  • Music Festivals & Concerts
  • Blood Drives
  • Movie Series
  • Health Fairs
  • Cultural Festivals
  • Fashion and Art Shows
  • Holiday Food-Toy Drives

And Free Parking is Back

Residents and visitors to downtown were forced to run to the bank for rolls of quarters in February when Horton Plaza stoped providing free parking.  It proved to be a policy that was “penny wise and pound foolish.”  Six months later, based on the experiences of the mall’s retailers, Horton Plaza is again offering three hours of free parking with validation.

Horton Plaza is just across the street from the Harcourts Marina office.  Stop by anytime to say hi.

Just remember whether you parked with the Fruits or Vegetables.  (If you don’t get the joke, you haven’t parked at Horton Plaza before). :-))

David Manes, Downtown San Diego Realtor.  Call 616.299.4760 or email david.manes@welcometosandiego.com

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