Welcome to San Diego Blog | January 27, 2010

Fire at Horizons San Diego

IMG_2296Today was another exciting day for downtown San Diego condo owners in the Marina District. This afternoon at about 2:45pm, I started to hear a flurry of sirens and actually saw a number of fire-trucks leave the East Village fire station. I was shooting some video at The Legend condos San Diego when decided to head over to the Marina District to investigate.


As I crossed the Gaslamp Quarter, I could see a couple fire-trucks parked out on the streets surrounding Horizons San Diego condos located at 510 First Avenue. As I approached the building, I could see a crowd of people standing on the streets peering up towards the South Tower of the 25 story building.

IMG_2299Upon arrival, I could see that the north-west corner unit at Horizons Condos San Diego had Firemen on the balcony and it appeared as if they were sweeping water from the interior out onto the balcony so it could drain below. As the water fell from the balcony drain, I could see that it was black.

After talking with both Horizons HOA staff and one of the residents, I came to find that there was actually a small fire that set off the fire sprinklers in the residence. I was told that the 18th and 17th floors were affected and that nobody was hurt, but that there was both fire and water damage.

Although it is sad to see accidents like this happen for both the owner and the neighbors, it is great to see the response from the San Diego Fire Department is so quick and helpful for downtown San Diego residents. Good job SDFD!!

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