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San Diego Homebuyer Credit Repair

In today’s complex market, the ability of San Diego home buyers to obtain a mortgage is heavily dependent upon that buyer’s credit score. A credit score can mean the difference between experiencing the American Dream of home ownership or becoming a long-term tenant.

We come across many clients that want to buy condos downtown San Diego, but the credit score blues keep them from achieving their goals. San Diego Condo owners that live in the Gaslamp Quarter, East Village and Marina Districts often become victims of poor credit scores because they get parking tickets from the city of San Diego and sometimes get busy and forget to pay them. Unfortunately, the city of San Diego will send these tickets to collections within 30-60 days of being late.

These collections have huge negative impacts on a credit report and could be the difference between buying that new condo downtown San Diego or re-signing that 1 year lease. I often have clients ask me about repairing their credit so they can buy a condo downtown San Diego.

For all credit repair consultation and repair, I recommend Derrick Evans with Perfect Credentials. Derrick has helped many past clients including purchasers at Legend San Diego condos, Bayside San Diego Condos, and La Vita San Diego Condos. Derrick will often have your credit score better than it ever was in a short period of time.

Many of San Diego’s best Mortgage Specialists refer their clients to Derrick because of his proven track record. The success of Perfect Credentials is based on your success with their services.

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