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Fluxx San Diego Nightclub hiring for Grand Opening

IMG_2301Today was a busy day at the corner of 4th and Island in Downtown San Diego’s historic Gaslamp Quarter. Countless people could be found lining up with resume’s in hand for the interviews for a limited number of job openings offered by Fluxx, which will be San Diego’s newest nightclub.

The club was conceived and is being designed by the same group, the RMD group, that just renovated Sidebar. Their goal is to bring one of the most energetic dance clubs to Downtown San Diego. One of the managing partners, Mike Georgopoulos, said that they chose the old Aubergine space because they didn’t want to build their own building, rather renovate an existing space.

Downtown San Diego’s True Dance Club

Fluxx is going to be set apart from the other downtown San Diego nightclubs because it is really going to be a true dance club and not a lounge. As part of the renovations, they are tearing down walls to open up the space so there is room for a dance floor of epic proportions and so the flow of the space works to create good energy. According to Mike Georgopoulos, “Most places are big lounges, or they are rooftop bars, and there are VIP areas, but if you look around it’s difficult to find a good, true dance club like they have in Vegas and New York and Miami”

The Most Advanced Sound & Lighting System in San Diego

IMG_2303Fluxx is going to have, by far the most advanced sound and lighting sytems in San Diego. The stage is designed that it can be seen from the entire club space and they are going to try to attract some of the biggest named DJ’s in the US. The RMD group is trying to do and environmentally friendly renovation and are including as many green elements into the club as possible. They even took the wood from the demolition and donated it to be used to build houses in Mexico.

Fluxx is tentatively scheduled to open later this month, but as with all construction jobs, the completion date is a moving target. Residents in Gaslamp City Square, Crown Bay and Pacific Terrace have mixed feelings about the opening. I talked a resident that lives in the corner unit directly across the street from Fluxx and they are a little concerned about the sound of the music and party goers. A different resident from Crown Bay was not at all concerned and said that she didn’t think it would be any different from the crowd Aubergine brought and that never bothered her.

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