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The New Children’s Museum in Downtown San Diego

As a new mom, I am constantly trying to find new and exciting educational opportunities for my son, who is one-year-old. San Diego offers so many wonderful activities, parks, museums, theme parks, etc. I realize that at his young age he may not be ready to fully grasp and appreciate everything, but I also feel that introducing him to a variety of experiences is a great way for him to learn.

childrens museum2I am so excited that downtown San Diego has a children’s museum, The New Children’s Museum, which is located at the Pinnacle San Diego condo building in the Marina District.  It is a fantastic addition to downtown San Diego for  residents and visitors alike!

Fun for the whole family at the New Children’s Museum San Diego

It is fittingly named the “New Children’s Museum” because there is always something “new” to experience! It is a museum for children of all ages, toddlers to teens, where they are encouraged to touch everything.

I am very excited to learn that they offer Toddler Time every fourth Friday of the month! On these days activities and events are designed for the youngest visitors. This month on Friday, March 26 and Saturday, March 27, the Toddler Time event is “Say it in Espanol!” which introduces Spanish through music, storytime, dance and exercise. I can’t wait to take my son to these Toddler Time events!

childrens museumAlso noteworthy, on the second Sunday of every month, the Museum grants FREE admission to all families in the community. Sponsored by Target, it is a way for everyone to enjoy the Museum and ensure that cost is not a barrier. The Museum also offers extended hours on this day and includes special performances and activities.

Check out the New Children’s Museum website for all of the amazing events and opportunities…and visit the Museum to experience it in person!

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