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Coronado’s Tidelands Park Trashed on Memorial Day

Coronado after Memorial DayYesterday, May 31, 2010, was Memorial Day.  It was another beautiful day in San Diego and many San Diegans visited local beaches and parks to celebrate.  Unfortunately, what was left behind was a big mess!

I took my son to Tideland’s Park in Coronado this morning to attend our Stroller Strides class at the Coronado Marriott, and I was shocked by what I saw!  There was trash everywhere!  The photo shown here was taken using my cell phone camera.  The trash cans were overflowing and trash was all over the park.  It looked as though the birds had also gotten into some of the trash cans and other trash left behind by yesterday’s visitors

There was so much trash all over the play area that many of us loaded our kids back into our cars, not wanting them to play in all of that.  We headed over to Balboa Park instead, to the playground right off Park Blvd, which I was pleased to find was clean.

The park workers at Tideland’s Park were working diligently to clean up all of the trash and debris, but there was so much of it!  It’s sad to see such a beautiful park trashed in such a manner.  It looked as though more trash cans were needed in that area, as all of the ones there were over-flowing, but it also appeared that more diligence on the part of the visitors was also needed.

I urge everyone who visits our parks and beaches to do their part to keep San Diego clean!

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