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EVCAN | East Village Community Action Network

Don’t miss out on the June 17th EVCAN meeting from 5:30pm to 7:00pm at the East Village Community Church located at 1374 Island Avenue.  The East Village Community Action Network is all about creating community through solidarity.  There are some very important topics on the table for this months meeting so please come, learn and show your support.

East Village San Diego

EVCAN 2010 Agenda

  1. Raising the CCDC budget cap  |  Frank Alessi, executive Vice President of CCDC will present information on why it is important to  raise the cap on the Center City Development Corporation for downtown San Diego and the entire region as a whole.  This will effect Downtown San Diego Condo living, businesses and tourism as a whole.
  2. Future Development in Downtown  |  Vice President of Redevelopment with CCDC will discuss future redevelopment in Downtown and how the completion of these projects is directly related to raising the budget cap.
  3. San Diego Stadium Coalition  |  Jose Naranjo will be presenting details on a proposed Chargers Stadium in the East Village and how the raising of the cap is critical to initiating this and other future projects.

What is next For East Village San Diego?

Downtown San Diego’s East Village is the neighborhood with the most room for growth out of all the downtown neighborhoods.  The raising of the budget cap will have a tremendous effect on the development of this neighborhood and I honestly believe it is hard to describe just how dramatic the impact will be if the cap is not raised.  I’m not saying that East Village won’t have any development and will be left as is, but it will certainly postpone future developments and will jeopardize the balance of downtown spaces with regards to parks, green spaces, condo living, commercial and retail space. 

Please take the time to come meet your neighbors and learn about what this means to San Diego and make an opinion for yourself.  Hope to see you there…

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