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Nighttime Zoo at the San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is stepping it up a notch this summer with their new Nighttime Zoo experience.  From June 26 to September 6 the San Diego Zoo will be staying open until 9pm to offer up some great new surprises.  Special activities begin at 3pm and include evenings filled with magical and comical performances, music, special shows and more.

San Diego Zoo Giraffe.bmp

Special Features at the Nightime Zoo

Ambush Acrobats – Amazing Acrobats dressed as different animals include frogs, lizards, cheetahs, lions and monkeys will perform a variety of fantastic moves and will make the performance interactive with the crowd.  The performances will take place at “surprise encounters” in small venues around the zoo.

Magical Mayhem at Nighttime Zoo

Splash – Amazing Artist, Stephen Fishwick, will be creating unique art pieces by splashing paint onto a blank canvas until an animals face suddenly appears.  Stephen promotes creativity and inspiration by  making his art while dancing to music, spinning his canvas and engaging the audience.

nighttime zoo.bmpNature’s Tricks – Dr. Zoolittle, the San Diego Zoo phisician demonstrates the unique adaptations that animals make to magically survive in the wild.  This is an interactive family show.

Soar – A show that showcases symphony in flight by arranging free flying birds along with dazzling ligths and memorable music to create symphony unlike any other.

Music Concerts – Dance the evening away with the family with “Three Hour Tour”, the Zoo’s unique tropical calypso band that adds their own special flair to many of your favorite dance songs. 

Night Zoo.bmpThis should be a great addition to an already amazing San Diego Zoo for the summer.  Hopefully it helps to manage crowds since some groups will come early and leave early.  It will also be great for those really hot July and August days where it can get somewhat uncomfortable at the park.  Even more exciting is the fact that many of the animals become more active in the evening as they tend to sleep through the warmer parts of the day. 

For more information, please visit the official zoo website.

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