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San Diego Needs Comic-Con

This July, when thousands of comicon fans and attendees flood the streets of Dowtown San Diego, they’ll be sporting more than superhero costumes, pop art gear, and comic books .  Yes these storm troopers will be delivering an economic benefit of nearly $163 million, according to the first official estimate of the convention’s financial impact. This latest figure is quadruple the prior estimates that sought to value the direct and indirect spending impact generated by San Diego’s largest convention, Comic-Con.

comicconLet’s be honest here.  We need Comic-Con in San Diego!  The week basically fills all restaurants, hotels, bars and entertainment venues in San Diego for an entire week.  Some of the hotels in downtown are hanging on by a thread and if we lose Comic-Con, the thread is toast.  This event is an economic engine that not only brings in tons of tax dollars for the city’s general fund, but it helps our local artists, business owners, and even keeps the unemployment numbers from getting any worse than they already are.

The enormous revenue associated with Comic-Con is why San Diego’s leaders have made it a priority to retain the convention after the city’s contract expires in 2012. We are all anxiously awaiting word on whether Comic-Con International will stayin America’s Finest city or relocate to Los Angeles or Anaheim, which already have a strong art presence.

“We did the research to get a better handle on the convention, and when the numbers came back we were all stunned,” said convention center spokesman Steven Johnson. “The survey was an important tool for us in reaching out to the hospitality community to educate them why it’s important to address Comic-Con’s concerns so that we can secure them for 2013-15.”

From a Downtown Resident’s Perspective

I live downtown and yes the event makes the crazy absolutely packed for a week, but it is fun to see all of the lively folks running around in costumes.  We need Comic-Con and the crowd is a great crowd to have in our city.  Folks come from all over the place to cellebrate popular arts, film, technology and pay respects to their favorite past artists, films and comic characters. 

There is so much good energy in the air when Comic-Con comes to town that I love it.  San Diego needs to fight to keep Comic-Con here.  Please support our city and this wonderful event!  For more info about hotels, transportation or parties associated with Comic-Con, just give us a call or send us a message.

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