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Smart Corner East Village | 1080 Park Boulevard

Smart Corner Downtown San Diego Condos…

…is an important new addition to the Downtown San Diego Condo market.  Located at 1080 Park Boulevard, Smart Corner is an East Village San Diego Condo project adjacent to San Diego City College and  Balboa Park.  

One of the most distinguishing elements of the project is that it is a San Diego Transit  hub.  It is a stop for 9 bus lines and both of the Downtown Trolleys in the MTS System.  Urban areas around the country have used transit projects as triggers for economic development.  In the case of Smart Corner, its multiple uses include residential, office and retail. 

Smart Corner’s impact on East Village Condos and Lofts, and the lifestyle in the neighborhood in general will evolve over many years.

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Smart Corner San Diego Condos

-Best Features

  • Low priced new construction–Entry point for a studio at Smart Corner Apartments is as little as $125,000, one bedroom from $150,000 and a 2br/2ba over 1,400 sf feet in the $400s.
  • Concrete and Steel loft construction–With exposed concrete walls and ductwork, Smart Corner lofts feels like a real loft.  In addition, your space at Smart Corner is quiet and secure.
  • Rooftop socializing–With a ginormous hot tub, lounges and barbecue area, Smart Corner’s rooftop deck is a great place to hang on the weekends.  Views are phenomenal from the 16th floor!  Come to think of it, it doesn’t have to be a weekend to hang out with friends on the roof!
  • Retail on the street–Subway, Seven/Eleven and Pizza are all at the entry level of Smart Corner.  Within a few blocks are enough restaurants and bars to stay busy for months.  And Albertsons is a short walk away.
  • East Village expanding to the East–As Downtown developed from Petco Park, East Village has been growing North and East.  With Vantage Pointe filling up and the Smart Corner having about half of its 301 units sold, there’s a lot happening in this neighborhood.  Look for even more retail, hospitality office and education following in the next few years.
  • College living–As an owner or a renter, Smart Corner is the ideal lifestyle and location for housing for City College students or the new campus for Thomas Jefferson School of Law housing.
  • Buses and Trolleys–To any destination, from your home in Smart Corner, you’re just an elevator ride away.  Starting your commute doesn’t get any easier.
  • HOA includes phone and cable TV–All inclusive condo living.

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Smart Corner condo for sale

Short Sales and Foreclosures at Smart Corner

  • 2008 Smart Corner Sales  |  0 foreclosures  |   8 Developer Sales  |  0 Short sales
  • 2009 Smart Corner Sales  |  1 foreclosures  |  30 Developer Sales  |  0 Short Sales
  • 2010 Smart Corner Sales  |  2 foreclosures  |  51 Developer Sales  |  1 Short Sales

 Dave’s take on Smart Corner–This is the lowest price point for new construction in the Downtown San Diego condo and loft market in many years.   East Village grew so quickly after the Padres new stadium opened in 2004, that a whole new category emerged as Petco Park Condos and Lofts.  Smart Corners location at Broadway and Park Boulevard is somewhat geographically removed from East Village’s roots.

Some of the anticipated commercial development that would link these areas has not taken place.  This has definitely had an impact on sales at Smart Corner.  After 2 years of sales, the building is approximately 50% sold.  Much of the unsold inventory has been available for rent.

There is a lot of change and positive indicators though.  The Community College system continues to grow.  This is truly “affordable student housing.”  Thomas Jefferson College is new to the neighborhood in 2010–and it will improve in reputation and prestige from its new downtown location.  Search other East Village Lofts

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