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Horton Plaza Park

Redevelopment of Horton Plaza Park…

…should be completed in late 2013 and includes some really wonderful ideas.  Horton Plaza Park was once the “in spot” to meet any group of friends downtown to embark on a day of shopping, dining or even heading to the Gaslamp Quarter.  Today, Horton Plaza park has become a place where transients gather, loiter and sleep.  Yes, Horton Plaza park has lost it’s splendor!

The San Diego City Council voted this year in January to approve plans for a “world-class”  uban landscape to replace the former Robinson’s May building at the North-East End of Horton Plaza.  The beauty of the project is this:

  1. Westfield has agreed to give the land to the City of San Diego and San Diego will pay the fair market value plus demolition costs.  It’s a good time historically to buy…prices are low!
  2. Westfield has agreed to maintian the park for 25 years and has plans to program 200 or more events per year in the new plaza.
  3. CCDC and the city will have control over the design components.

Regional benefits will be great for the entire area of San Diego, not just downtown residents.  The space should really add to the already wonderful presence of the US Grant Hotel and clean up the Broadway entrance to Horton Plaza.  The open space will suited for gatherings, events and holiday celebrations.

It is being seen as the opportunity to creat a space like NY Time Square, San Francisco’s Union Square and Portland’s Pioneer Square.  These other spaces are coveted as priceless spaces by their communities and San Diego has a great opportunity here to create a similar dynamic.

Read about new waterfront park in downtown San Diego.

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