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Noble Experiment & Hodads 2.0

About The Noble Experiment and Hodads on a Saturday night…

…In last month’s blog post about Noble Experiment, I stated the sad, honest truth–that Noble Experiment is not a place to impulsively go on a Saturday night.  The typical weekend night requires a reservation at least a few nights in advance.  In fact if there is a meeting in downtown San Diego, a week might not be enough.

On Saturday night I got a text at around 8:00 from 212 area code.  I know that’s not from around here.  It’s New York, and the text was from someone who read my Noble Experiment blog.  Turned out he had one night in San Diego.  Couldn’t get a seat at the bar with short notice.  I texted over, and voila, cocktails for two at 9:30.

It’s kind of fun being hosts to visitors downtown.  We;’re really excellent at Real Estate here at WelcometoSanDiego.com.  But living and being immersed in the neighborhoods helps us give you great experiences all over downtown.  Let us know how we can assist you.

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Hodads is open!!!


You probably know the story.  On Newport Avenue in Ocean Beach back in 1991 a burger place opened a few blocks from the beach.  A great place for a beer and a burger for the surfers and other residents of  this isolated little beach community.  Great bacon cheeseburgers, onion rings, fries.  Hodads is quintessentially, a neighborhood burger place.

 A few years ago, Guy Fieri from the Food Network’s Diners, Drive ins and Dives paid a visit.  Great food, great neighborhood and a great story to tell.  Business went through the roof–or should I say, lines went around the block.  Hodads stopped being just a place for the beach crowd.  One of San Diego’s best burgers became a destination for out of town visitors.

So Downtown is the new “neighborhood” for Hodads.  Located at 10th and Broadway, the Downtown Hodads is twice as big as the original.  The owners expect Padres fans to fill the place on game day.  For us downtown it’s another great choice.  There wasn’t a line on Saturday night.  And the burgers were as good as I remembered from the Beach.

Where’s your favorite Downtown Burger? 

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