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New Horton Plaza Park

Downtown San Diego

An ambitious plan to revitalize Horton Plaza Park that will bring new life to a civic space that was once a highlight in the heart of Downtown. 

In recent years, the Historic US Grant Hotel and the iconic Balboa Theatre have both gone through incredible transformations, bringing them back to their original splendor; however, the public space that once tied them together has been nothing but a run-down eyesore.

After numerous public meetings and design proposals, the final approved design for Horton Plaza Park has been revealed. 

The great news is that the New Horton Plaza Park will be maintained and monitored by the Westfeild Mall component of Horton Plaza, which will provide janitorial services as well as security for a public space that has been in dire need of a make over for decades.  The park will maintain some of its original charm with the historic fountain element to remain in tact.

Horton Plaza Improvement Project

Commissioned by the Schmidt Design Group, the Horton Plaza Improvement Project promises to help revitalize the core of the once blighted public space on the corner of 4th and Broadway.  Some of the key design elements include the restoration of a historically significant public park, three new kiosk buildings, restrooms, and a flexible gathering space for large groups.  Set for a 2013 completion date, this grand civic space will host over 200 programmed public events per year!

To view the complete visual presentation of the New Horton Plaza Park, click on the link below:

Horton Plaza Improvement Project Presentation

2013 is looking to be an exciting year to come here in “America’s Finest City,” with the unveiling of the New Central Library and now the completion of Horton Plaza Park.  Combined with the North Embarcadero Visionary Plan, and a potential Downtown Charger’s Stadium, Downtown San Diego is quickly living up to it’s name…

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