Welcome to San Diego Blog | March 11, 2012

A Fresh Idea

With the redevelopment agency in Downtown San Diego and many other CA cities being dismantled by the state, cities are going to have to be creative to find ways to create low cost parks and recreation spaces.  The city of San Diego budget is not looking optimistic, but for well balanced urban development, parks and open spaces are a must.

Park-ing and rebar.org have come up with some great ideas for reclaiming metered parking spaces and transforming them into small green spaces, outdoor seating areas and even fun activity zones.  This may be a good option moving forward for neighborhoods like East Village and the Columbia District as they struggle to grow without a lot of public funding.

Do you see this as a viable option for the city of San Diego?  Do you think this would help to create a healthy living environment for neighborhoods like Downtown, Hillcrest, North Park, South Park, University Heights and Adams Avenue?  Why or why not?


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