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Pet Friendly San Diego

Living downtown has its abundance of perks: plenty of activity, food, experiences and adventure everywhere you turn. Walk out your door, and in minutes you can be sure to find something exciting to do. But for the many pet owners living in downtown San Diego, activities for their pets can be limited due to smaller living areas and less or non-existant yard space. However, there are many ways to keep your pet happy, healthy and active in the city!

Here is a list of tips to consider:

-Consider the breed-some residences have size and weight restrictions. Choose a dog who is well-suited for apartment living and confined spaces.

-Consider the level you live on-Living on a lower level with easier access to the outdoors make potty trips quicker and easier

-Consider getting a dog walker-If you will be away from home all day or for long periods of time, invest in a dog walker. Pets like company don’t want to be left alone all day. Activity outside will also calm your pet down if it is quite energetic.

-Give them exercise every day-…it’s also good for the owner too! Explore parks and grassy areas, meet neighbors who are fellow dog/pet owners. Dog beaches and dog parks are also great ways for you and your dog to bond, play fetch and soak up some sunshine.

-Give them indoor activities-Give them toys, play structures and treats to keep them happy.

Top Pet Friendly Properties

Most all properties downtown are pet friendly, but after doing some research and speaking with my colleagues, we have come up with a some of the best pet friendly residences:

1. ICON-Icon condos and lofts are centrally located in the heart of the East Village encompassing an entire city block bound by 10th & 11th Avenues and J Street & K Street.

2. M2i-M2i San Diego condos encompass the entire city block bound by Market Street and Tenth, Eleventh and Island Avenues in the East Village neighborhood.  It features two towers with 230 units, a lush courtyard, rooftop deck, and secured gated parking.

3. The Legend-The Legend San Diego Condos are located on Seventh Avenue in the East Village neighborhood. This 23-story building features 170 high rise condominiums, 8 townhomes, and 31,000 square feet of retail space.

All three of these properties are in close proximity to a park where there is plenty of room to run around, play or just go for a walk.

…On a side note: Isn’t it interesting that Petco Park, a Major League ballpark, is named after a company that caters to our furry little friends?!?

Any other pet friendly places you’d like to add? Add them here!

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