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Little Italy San Diego

I was at Davanti Enoteca, my favorite Little Italy restaurant last week and heard about a “don’t miss” event coming up later this month.

The Little Italy Association of San Diego will host a State of The Neighborhood event on Wednesday evening, July 25th from 6-8:30.  It is described as a “Wine and Dinner” reception and the cost is only $25 per person.

The setting will be the rooftop of Nelson Photo Supply (corner of India and Fir).  It will be an evening “al fresco,” with the sun setting over the bay and Point Loma.

Anticipate small plates and wine samples from many Little Italy favorites!

Little Italy Past, Present and Future

The State of the Neighborhood event includes a presentation of the past, present and future of Little Italy.  As a neighborhood resident and realtor, my interest is piqued by the evening’s topic.

In the recent past, thinking back over the past year or so, three of my favorite neighborhood restaurants have opened.  Starting with Davanti Enoteca and La Villa on the south end of India Street, some fabulous small plates (and two of the best Happy Hours in town) have been added.

At the corner of Date St. and India, The Prep Kitchen opened.  One of La Jolla’s most popular restaurants brings a more eclectic American Tapas menu to Little Italy.  With new artisan pizza and bakeries joining the mix, Little Italy continues to be a destination for neighbors and visitors alike.

Upcoming Development in Little Italy

Does it drive you crazy when bloggers ask questions and don’t have answers?  OK, guilty.  It’s the $64,000,000 question for realtors and homeowners in the neighborhood.  Little Italy hasn’t seen a new condominium project since Aperture was introduced in 2007.  An MLS search of Little Italy condos currently shows barely a dozen available.

On the CCDC website, three future condominium buildings are shown as approved.  However, none has begun the permitting process and none appear to have capital in place to commence.

Save the date, Wednesday, July 25 for what I think will be a fantastic program.  Even if you don’t learn anything, sharing wine and food on a Little Italy rooftop will be a great way to spend a summer night.  I look forward to meeting you there.

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