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6 Things Every New Resident in Downtown San Diego Should Have

From giant skyscrapers to running into your favorite Padre players, it is easy to to fall in love with everything America’s Finest City has to offer. Yes, it is as great as it sounds! However relocating from your current home in suburbia to the concrete jungle of San Diego requires a little more than just packing up and moving. 

Whether your are moving to San Diego for retirement, accepting a new position for work, or looking to change your lifestyle up, here are six basic things every new homeowner or renter in downtown needs in order to make the transition smooth. 

  1. Folding Wagon – Hands down the best investment we made as a Downtown residents. I have used our wagon so many times that it feels like it’s practically paying me now. Nothing is better than unloading the car after a Costco trip in one elevator ride with everything the first time. It also comes in handy for transporting the pups, the kids and anything else you don’t feel like making multiple trips for. Best thing is, once your done, you can fold it away and store it in your closet or car trunk. These wagons are so slim but can support massive amount of weight. Whether its a 3 bedroom penthouse or a studio, you can’t go wrong. They sell for about $50 and you can find them at almost any store like Costco or Target. Go get one. You can thank me later.                                                 blog 9  
  2. F.R.E.D. App – F.R.E.D. stands for Free Rides Everywhere Downtown and that is exactly what is is… free rides downtown. Some of the bonuses of living downtown are being able enjoy dining, entertainment and shopping with in a close proximity of your home, but finding parking (especially free parking) can be a problem. That is why this electric golf cart transportation service was created. Of course, there are some boundaries for this service, limited to only downtown. So if you are planning to grab dinner at Mr. A’s in Bankers Hill, you’ll be out of luck. I find myself using this service typically on Saturday mornings when I don’t want to walk from East Village to Little Italy for the Farmer’s Market. It is also perfect for a busy Saturday night on Gaslamp and the best part is, it is completely free!      blog 2
  3. Padres Baseball Cap – With the Chargers leaving San Diego, the Padres are really the only major sports presence we have left and living in a city that has 300+/- days of sunshine, it’s a great way to show you’re a fan and get some shade. Plus, PETCO Stadium is located Downtown in East Village and if you live in downtown, odds are you will find yourself at the ball game sooner or later. Best part is, you might run into one of the many players on the streets of San Diego. If you are wearing a ball cap, it could be a perfect opportunity for an autograph. Of course, I am bias so I encourage rooting for the home team, but no matter what team you wear, you’ll find other fans to connect with when it comes to all sports in San Diego.blog 10
  4. Parking Card – Maybe you don’t want to entirely ditch the car. I get it. So that means you should invest in a San Diego Parking Card. You can pre-load these parking cards with $10 or $45 increments and use them on both parking meters and parking kiosks. When you are ready to leave but you still have time on the meter, you can get your money back! Say you pay for an 1 hour but it only takes you 30 mins. No problem! Just inset the card and you get your money back. For me, I love overpaying on meters. Sometimes, I have no idea exactly how long I will be with a client. After coming back to my car a few mins late and seeing a parking ticket, I knew It was time to invest in the card, max out the meter, and get my money back when I am finished, while avoiding any parking tickets. Brilliant! 
    blog 3
  5. Best Parking App – You have guests or friends visiting, but they didn’t take a train or Uber. Now you have to help them with a parking situation, or if you are like us, you have to find a parking space for yourself so you can let your friend park in your garage. So how do you find the best parking? Where can I park overnight? Where is the best prices for parking? All the answers to San Diego Parking is here in the Best Parking App. **If your building has SpotShare, you should check that first. We were able to secure three day consecutive parking for my parents when they visited. Score!**blog 6
  6. Umbrella – Yes, I said an Umbrella. I know what your thinking; it’s San Diego. Why the heck would I need an umbrella? I thought the same thing. Since you will get used to walking everywhere, the few times that it does rain, you’ll feel like a deer in the headlights if you don’t have an umbrella. I literally walked a block before I had to turn around realizing that there was no way I was going to make it to work without every inch of my body getting sopping wet. Then we bought an umbrella. You may only use it a few days out of the year but when you do, you’ll very happy you have it.adult-1867665_640

There you have it! My 6 must haves for every new homeowner or resident to Downtown San Diego. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, I would love to hear them! You can reach me at Robert@WelcometoSanDiego.com or on my cell, 949-310-5195. And if your looking for great deal on a condo in downtown San Diego, feel free to visit my website at www.RobertGmur.com or take a look below. Cheers!

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Written by: Robert Gmur

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