Mission Bay

Mission Bay

San Diego Mission Bay

Mission Bay is one of San Diego’s most popular destinations. It is not only one of the largest park and recreation areas in San Diego, but it is the West Coast’s largest aquatic man-made park. Mission Bay includes over 4,000 acres and offers visitors a wide range of recreational activities. The waters of Mission bay are surrounded by small sandy beaches and large grassy areas that are ideal for picnics, outdoor parties and gatherings.

Mission Bay is a great place to visit for the outdoor enthusiast

Swimmers and sun lovers are drawn to the tranquil waters and soft sand that Mission Bay offers. Mission Bay also features boat docks and launches, sailboat, hobbie cats, motorboat rentals and great spaces for kayaking and canoeing.  The bay features excellent bike & walk paths, basketball courts, fire pits, BBQ areas, covered gazebos and playgrounds for children. It’s one of San Diego’s most fun-filled locations to visit. Nestled on the west end of the bay is a network of channels and islands which are an ideal location for wind surfers, waterskiers and wake boarders.

Mission Bay Park is also home to many rare & endangered species including the Brown Pelican. The city of San Diego has designated a small percentage of the park to remain as natural habitat in order to preserve the wildlife. These areas have not been developed and can be seen on Fiesta Island and other locations scattered about the bay.

Mission Bay Park offers countless free opportunities to the public including a tourist information center, free parking, open spaces, volleyball courts, basketball courts, horseshoe courts, and public restrooms. Park Rangers are staffed to ensure a safe, more enjoyable experience at Mission Bay Park.

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