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Downtown San Diego’s East Village Construction Update

IMG_2306You may have noticed that they are moving full speed ahead on the new Thomas Jefferson School of Law campus located in the ball park district of East Village. The new campus is located between 11th and 12th Avenues on the south side of Island Avenue directly behind Metrome San Diego condos and adjacent to Park Boulevard West and Park Boulevard East condos.

The construction completion date has been a moving target because they didn’t anticipate discovering the prehistoric fossils including TJSL mammoth or the partial skeleton of a gray whale. The exciting finds included the rostrum, left lower jaw, and left shoulder blade, as well as numerous vertebrae and ribs. The geologic age of the specimens are not precisely known, but are between 200,000 and 500,000 years old.

The new construction timeline has the completion date late in the 4th quarter of 2010 with the schools anticipated move in date as January 2011.

Thomas-Jefferson-School-of-law-campusThe construction company has been working diligently on trying to make up time due to the two delays from the fossil discoveries. The workers have been working into the evenings and are working rain or shine. Many neighbors in the East Village have voiced their concerns about the noise associated with the late hours of construction, but they understand and want the construction to be completed as soon as possible.

The new campus will be a welcome addition to the East Village and is expected to bring in a good number of students who will want to rent downtown San Diego condos.

This should have a positive impact on both the rental market and the downtown San Diego Condo sales prices. It’s as simple as supply and demand. We have an oversupply of rentals right now and with this added demand, it will help bring balance to our market that is oversaturated because of Vantage Pointe San Diego is renting and Strata just opened up and has a huge number of vacant rental properties.

We also expect a number of restaurants and cafés to open up once the school is up and running. It will be good to see a healthy group of young professionals integrate into the East Village neighborhood. New business opportunities for local business owners will present themselves once the school opens its doors.

For a live camera view of the construction, check this out.

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