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Downtown San Diego Real Estate Office

I was recently approached regarding an interesting proposition for a retail space for a real estate office to sell downtown San Diego properties. I need your feedback to be able to make a decision to see if you think it would be a good opportunity. Please read below and share your thoughts. I genuinely want to hear your input about this as I have no idea how this new concept would be viewed by most people.


San Diego Condo Information Center 

The location for this space is at the entrance to the historic Gaslamp Quarter on Fifth Avenue right between the San Diego Convention Center and the HardRock Hotel. The foot traffic is amongst the highest traffic areas in Downtown San Diego . The location is exposed to visitors that are attending professional conventions at the convention center, Padres Games at Petco Park, and people wanting to enjoy the many great restaurants, bars and nightclubs that downtown San Diego has to offer.  The location is within a few blocks of some of the finest downtown San Diego condos.

The catch to this entire thing is that the location is not a traditional retail office space. It is actually located on MTS property and would be a kiosk at the trolley stop. When I say “kiosk,” I am not referring to what one finds in the middle of the mall or in Europe with the roll up doors. This would be a permanent structure, like a small free standing building with windows, doors, electricity, internet, computers, phones, etc… It would be a legitimate office, but the purpose of the space would be to be an alternative to a traditional “open house.”

Condo Open House Downtown San Diego

In most suburban neighborhoods, real estate agents hold open houses and have “for sale” signs installed in the front yard. Most downtown San Diego condo buildings do not allow for “open houses” and they certainly don’t allow signs at the front of the building. Even if they did, what good is a sign in the window on the 20th floor going to do?  This location would be the open house information center for people to find out information about condos and lofts in Downtown San Diego.

The piece of this that I am really struggling with is how will people view a real estate office location located at the trolley stop? Will they take it as a legitimate office or will they dismiss it as absurd? The perception of today’s consumer is what will decide if this concept is brilliant or a complete failure. What do you think? Would you stop by and visit a real estate office in a city you were visiting if you came across this type of set up?

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  1. Matt Liesemeyer says:

    I think the largest problem with this is that its not something people are used to seeing and that said, they may not be looking for it. I don’t know how the condo lease/buying market is right now.

    How do you typically get business? If you get referrals, would those same people refer clients to this kiosk rather than an office?

    I think the problem is going to be that your average joe looking for a place, already knows a means to find one,( word of mouth or other) and would not just go for a walk downtown to find something like a suburban homebuyer would take a drive through a community.

    It sounds like a neat idea, you would just hate to become one of those people handing out flyers to random people that are there for something else, like Hooters wings, or the latest 80’s reunion tour at 4th And B.

    Lets be honest, I didn’t really hang out with you in High School and all that,so my opinion may not mean anything to you, but really, this is my honest opinion, as someone involved in the planning/real estate market.


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