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Best Dessert in Downtown San Diego

I have always had a sweet tooth and a true appreciation for delicious desserts. So of course I have tried most of the popular dessert spots in and around downtown San Diego. Sadly some have fallen short in my opinion (and those are not listed below) and others have far surpassed my expectations. I am always looking for new places to try, so please respond to this blog if you have a favorite spot that I missed.

Chocolat Cremerie is my favorite dessert place in the Gaslamp Quarter. It is located on 5th Avenue close to the corner of Island Avenue. I personally go there for their amazing crepes and gelato, but they also have other fabulous desserts including Chocolat Decadence, Wild Berries Tart, warm Apple Tart, Praline Hazelnut, Cake, Crème Brulee, Trio of Brulee, Croissant, Tartufo, Zuccotto, and much more! The extensive list of gelato flavors includes all of my favorites from Italy and more! And it’s no wonder the crepes are amazing, they are prepared by “Mamma Luisa,” a skillful crepe Maestro from Milano, Italy! Sweet crepes are served with your choice of Nutella, gelato, or mascarpone cream and accompanied with fresh banana and/or wild berries – I’m drooling as I type! Paired with a nice coffee drink, it is dessert paradise!

Extraordinary Desserts in Little Italy, located on Union Street between W Ash and W Beech Streets, truly is as the name suggests “extraordinary!” Decadent, amazing, dessert masterpieces with fresh flower petals and gold flakes – not only are they beautiful to look at, they will satisfy any sweet craving. I go to Extraordinary Desserts when I want a truly outstanding, extreme dessert (I am rarely able to finish and usually hit that point of “I can’t eat another bite.”) The desserts here are very rich and complex. It is a fabulous place for a special occasion. The menu changes daily and features homemade tortes, fruit tarts, cookies, creme brulee, cobbler, bread pudding, mousses and ice creams, Lion Kona Coffees and Mariage Frères teas. There have been many a time when I have gone in with a certain dessert in mind and they have not made it that day, but this has only forced me to try something new which was equally as divine!

Café Zucchero is located on India Street between W Date and W Fir Streets in the heart of Little Italy. This is where I go when I am in the mood for a truly Italian and/or Sicilian pastry or dessert not found anywhere else in San Diego. I have tried nearly all of their extensive selection of desserts and have rarely been disappointed. Unfortunately, I do not recall the names of my favorites, only recognize them by site so I am unable to suggest a particular dessert. The servers are happy to tell you what is in each one and help you select the perfect dessert for you. They also serve delicious gelato and coffee drinks. I like to go here in the morning as well for their fresh baked pastries – they are outstanding!

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