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The Tin Fish: A Downtown Tradition

Great Casual Dining in the Gaslamp with Live Entertainment!

If you have ever visited Downtown San Diego, you probably have enjoyed a fish taco and a brew at thenullnullnull A Great Little Neighborhood Fish Joint.

Located steps from The San Diego Convention Center and the Gaslamp Trolley Stop; The Tin Fish has become a first impression of The Historic Gaslamp Quarter to locals and vistors alike.

The food is delicious, and as a self proclaimed “fish taco connoisseur,” I can tell you that the Tin Fish makes a great Fish Taco!

I am particularly impressed with the freshness, and the sea bass tacos are well worth waiting in line for…  Top the sea bass taco off with some homemade crosscut fries and signature slaw, and you have a winner!

Other memorable Tin Fish menu items are their delicious homemade chowder, beer battered fish and chips, salmon burritos, and grilled plates.  Just about everything on the menu is delicious, and the prices are reasonable too!

Wash down your meal with a local brew or a specialty cocktail from Hepburn’s Bar, adjoined to the Tin Fish.

This is a fantastic social setting, with live music:  The Tin Fish has become the place for Padres pre and post game dining and entertainment.  Joe Rathburn is the local entertainment who plays during Padres Baseball Pre and Post Games.  Joe plays solo acoustic guitar and sings songs by request ranging from Jimmy Buffett to the Beatles.  Joe’s charismatic demeanor and talented approach instantly gets the crowd groovin’.

Dinning at Tin Fish Gaslamp immediately puts you in a good mood!

On a recent visit, there was a visiting family from Arizona who’s 6 year old daughter stood up with a request for a Disney tune.  Joe immediately whipped up a rendition of “Under the Sea” that got my daughter and other kids in the patio groovin’.  After befriending the visiting Arizona family, we discovered that they have been visiting San Diego for several years, and have made coming to The Tin Fish a family tradition.  They said that they remember discovering the Tin Fish and enjoying great food, but the memories of the music and atmosphere has inspired many revisits over the years…

The Tin Fish is a fun dining experience for the whole family!

It’s not just the great food that makes The Tin Fish Gaslamp so appealing, it’s the Atmosphere & The Location.

The Tin Fish was established in the Gaslamp Quarter over a decade ago.  This is a family owned business and they cater to the lunch and dinner crowd.  The outdoor patio is one of the largest in all of downtown, and sitting there and enjoying great food and some very interesting people watching makes this experience highly entertaining.

Some of the best people watching in Downtown San Diego takes place at this very location!

The owner Jerry is a hands on guy, and he personally invites you down to sample some of Tin Fish grilled food and enjoy the scenery.

170 6th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101 (map)
Phone:(619) 238-8100

Open for lunch and dinner:
Monday – Thursday (11am-8pm)
Friday – Saturday (11am-10pm)
Sunday (11am-7pm)

Bar hours
Monday – Thursday (11am-8pm)
Friday – Saturday (11am-2am)
Sunday (11am-7pm)

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