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Taco Tuesday

If you’re from somewhere else and came to San Diego, like me, Taco Tuesday is a new concept.  Aside from the clever alliteration, Taco Tuesdayis truly an event in Downtown and the beaches.

Giving credit where credit is due, Rubio’s and Del Taco and the mass marketing efforts of fast food franchises may have originated the concept of low priced tacos on Tuesday.  But some really great restaurants and bars have elevated the experience, by expanding the menu to include high quality, non-traditional taco ingredients..

Making plans to meet with friends on Tuesday night has become a cause for celebration and distinctly different from other night’s Happy Hours.  First of all, the list of Taco Tuesday restauants is much shorter than happy hour on other nights of the week.

Additionally, although the length of the beer list and excellence of margarita recipe still has an impact on my favorite Taco Tuesdays, the tacos are the star.

Top Taco Tuesdays

As a specialist in Downtown real estate and lover of all things in my neighborhood, my recommendations usually are for downtown businesses.  In this case though, my clear cut favorite is outside of Downtown.

Several locations of The Brigantine Seafood Restaurants simply make the best tacos in town.  Check them out on Coronado, Shelter Island or my favorite near the beach in Del Mar.  On Tuesday night prices range from $2.50 to $4 for huge, delicious tacos.

They do a very tasty, traditional fried fish taco with cabbage and fresh salsa.  You’ll be surprised by the portion for only $2.50.  Their private label hot sauce is perfect on this taco.

The other, less traditional choices like grilled swordfish and calamari are the best I’ve ever had.   Also try the grilled chicken with avocado.  Large  margaritas are served in shakers at low prices for Happy Hour.

On the water in Ocean Beach

South Beach Bar & Grille is another seafood restaurant famous for gourmet tacos.  On the water at the end of Newport Street, South Beach Bar is a rowdier option.  You’ll also find an extensive local draft beer list.

Don’t sell this place short for food quality, though.  Bon Appetit magazine and The Food Network have both featured these fish tacos as among the best anywhere.

Downtown’s Best Taco Tuesdays

The corner of 4th and Market is the center of activity downtown on Tuesdays.  Side by side on 4th Avenue are La Puerta and null.

La Puerta is a favorite at all hours of the day–and very late at night.  Don’t mistake its “hole in the wall” decor for a place that doesn’t have great food.  La Puerta is also known for an extensive list of tequilas.  On Taco Tuesdays their famous TJ Dogs (Bacon Wrapped Turkey Hot Dogs-Diced Tomatoes-Grilled Onions-Jalapeños-Ketchup-Mayo) are only $2!  Amazing!!!

It seems like Las Hadas is the overflow lounge for La Puerta.  Service is excellent, drinks are cheap and you can have a conversation across the table–even when it’s busy.

My Downtown “sleeper” for Taco Tuesday is Quality Social.  It’s located on 6th Avenue, between Market and G; this place is know for using the best ingredients in everything they do.  Their kitchen doesn’t disappoint.  Make sure also to check with your bartender for a suggestion as a taco accompaniment.  Have had a couple of concoctions that totally rocked with my tacos.  Not to be missed.  Really!

I’m open to suggestions or debate.  Any favorites you’d like to add?  Share them here.

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