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How many Homes do Buyers View before making a Purchase?

When showing properties to clients, sometimes buyers ask me if they are viewing too many properties.  A recent study by the California Association of Realtors would say no.  On average, buyers view 12-15 homes before deciding on a purchase.  Visiting various properties can be advantageous in making a good decision since part of the process is comparing and contrasting features and benefits which is helpful in narrowing down buyers “needs and wants” list.

Getting help finding a home

The colorful illustration below also shows how buyers find homes.  The survey concludes 80% of homebuyers utilize real estate agents to help them find property possibilities, and 13% of homebuyers find homes through online searching, ie. real estate websites.  Other ways buyers search for homes are open houses and “for sale” signs, though this represents a small percentage of buyers.

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