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Bayside condos at the San Diego Embarcadero

Bayside by Bosa San Diego

Six Reasons why Now is the Time to Buy:

First of all, Bayside condos by Bosa are by far the best quality condo that Bosa has built in San Diego. The interior finishes are much more impressive than in his other buildings. The cabinetry is fine quality by Snaidero and is a classic style that will be both functional and fashionable for many years to come. The flooring, and bathroom finishes also have a classic timeless feel with superior quality to that of all of the other Bosa Buildings.

Bayside San Diego Views

Bayside-San-Diego-viewsBayside Condos have the best protected views of any condo building in the Columbia District. There are a number of views at the Bayside highrise which will be preserved. My favorite view at Bayside is the protected view to the north west which sweeps from the San Diego Bay to the Airport, Mission Bay and across to Mount Soledad. The Holiday Inn on the Bay is 14 stories so if you buy Bayside floor plans which include A, H, N or R, on the 15th floor or above you will have this unobstructed view. Owners of these Bayside condos would be able to see the fireworks from Sea World on a regular basis.

There arent’ many things in life more enjoyable than enjoying a glass of wine while watching the sunset and as soon as the sun drops, you have your own personal fireworks show…it is an absolutely stunning experience.

Bayside views towards the south west are also amazing, but they will only remain for a limited time. To the south, lies The Grande North Tower and to the south west sits a vacant parking lot known as Lane Field . Two hotel towers will eventually be built on this lot and the Navy Broadway complex to the south will see the addition to several highrise buildings.

Bayside San Diego Location

NBCThe waterfront of the Columbia District is going to see more growth than any other neighborhood in downtown San Diego, with exception to the East Village (more room for development). The entire north embarcadero is going to be redone and will add a linear park along the waterfront.

The County Administration building that sits just to the north west of Bayside will become the home of downtown San Diego’s largest public park. The existing parking lots will become green space with beautiful water features and a public promenade. Eventually the parking lots used by the cruise ship terminal will be a luxury hotel which will bring much needed retail space to this neighborhood.

Increasing Property Values at Bayside San Diego

The addition of parks, restaurants, cafés and shopping will help to balance the Columbia neighborhood and will increase property values. It really isn’t a matter of the question “will property values go up?”, rather a matter of “when?”. Bayside is the finest condo building in this neighborhood so as soon as all of the development starts to unfold along the embarcadero, owners at Bayside will reep the rewards in multiple ways: increased property values, closer proximity to restaurants, cafés, shopping and parks.

Low, low interest Rates & Homebuyer Tax Credits

All of the economists agree that Interest Rates will be steadily rising throughout the rest of this year. We already started to see a rise in rates last week and lenders agree that this may be the last good chance consumers have to purchase condos for sale in San Diego or refinance their existing home.

California just introduced a new home buyer tax credit of $10,000 for new condos regardless of whether you are a first time home buyer. Ask us how to take advantage of this…

Bayside is a winner for Dowtown San Diego Condo Buildings

Bayside-San-Diego-SpecialsIf you are considering buying a condo in downtown San Diego or at Bayside, now may be the time that the stars are aligned. Bayside Condos are more than 50% sold out and the sales team is reporting that they have over 35 other condos in escrow. As they near the completion of sales, the developer will be less motivated to negotiate with buyers.

Once Bosa recoups his initial capital invested, it is likely that he will wait out the market for prices to rise before selling at the current low prices. We are seeing sales prices at 11-14% off the published prices. Two week ago, we helped a buyer purchase a one bedroom condo at 12% less than the published price and we were able to negotiate some upgrades as well. I honestly feel that we won’t see an opportunity like this in San Diego again for many years to come.

Give us a call to discuss which Bayside home would be best for you: 619-309-8011

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