The Noble Experiment | Speakeasy in San Diego

Added by David Manes on Mar 26 12:49PM

The Noble Experiment…

Is definitely not your average Downtown San Diego bar.  There are no bright lights, neon signs or throbbing music.  In fact simply finding the entrance to  The Noble Experiment is a part of the bar’s cache.  With only 32 seats, it’s always busy, but the staff from bartenders to waitresses make you feel like you’re their only guest.

So, here’s a little background on The Noble Experiment:

  • The name is a reference to Prohibition–get it, a Noble Experiment.
  • It is a bar, not a club, not a restaurant.  No food-period.
  • You can get cocktails and a limited selection of wine.
  • There are 8 drinks on the menu, but you can actually think of the menu as UNLIMITED!

How to get into Noble Experiment

OK, the picture above is the entrance to Noble.  You’ll find it next to the entrance to the kitchen (next to the bathrooms!?) at The Neighborhood, at the corner of 8th and G in Downtown San Diego.  Really and truly–but you won’t know it.  It’s a secret.  Kind of.

Reservations are made by text message only.  You text to tell them when you want to come, and Rachel or Sarah will respond at 6 or so in the evening to let you know if there’s room.  For weeknights, usually one day in advance is enough, if you’re flexible.  On weekends  a week’s notice is probably required to get in.  The number to text is 619.888.4713.  That’s 619.888.4713

The best drinks in San Diego

There’s a whole new vocabulary to mixology.  A shot and a beer is not part of the vernacular.  The spirits are all top shelf.  Juices and garnishes are all fresh–probably made hourly.  Infusions and bitters are a part of many drinks.  Ice cubes and glasses are a work of art.

If you like whiskey, try a “Serious Kick” on the rocks.  My personal favorite because any drink that includes Laphroaig Scotch and Jameson Irish Whiskey has to be amazing (via william at dh online).  It is!  Ask about a “Dark and Stormy Night.”  Black rum, and fruit juice.  Or just describe your mood or your taste to the bartender and turn them loose.

There are a handful of “cocktail bars” in San Diego.  The Noble Experiment is unique.  It’s not as kitshy as it sounds.  What a great place!


5 Responses to “The Noble Experiment | Speakeasy in San Diego”

  1. Chad says:

    Can’t wait to get over there and try the Rolls Royce (no longer on the menu) and the Dark and Stormy night! Another great place by the same owners is Craft & Commerce in Little Italy…once you experienced Neighborhood and Noble Experiment, C&C is worth a go too. Cheers!

  2. Can we get on the list tonight

  3. Gay Todd says:

    4 of us gals would love to come tonight 10/16. Time is any.

  4. [...] SpeakEasy hidden behind a fake wall (that looks like a bunch of kegs stacked to the ceiling) called The Noble Experiment.  I didn’t call ahead for reservations so my visit was brief but it’s on my list for [...]

  5. [...] but not least, we had cocktails at Noble Experiment. It’s a speak easy in the back of the restaurant Neighborhood. You don’t really know [...]

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