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Urbana Apartments Downtown San Diego

Downtown San Diego East Village to be the new home site of Urbana Apartments.  The site is located directly behind and Basic Pizza and Diamond Terrace Condos and directly across 10th Avenue from Fahrenheit Condos.

Urbana Apartments San Diego are to include 6 stories, 96 mostly one bedroom apartments, and approximately 1100 sq/ft of commercial retail space at ground level.  The project will make up a 20,000 sq/ft footprint and features subterranean parking with 99 spaces.

Downtown San Diego Urbana Apartments

For winter, spring and summer of 2013 , this will bring some noise and dust to the surrounding neighbors, but the anticipated completion date is winter of 2013/2014 and many neighbors have expressed that the new apartment project is an upgrade from the 2 one story warehouse buildings that used to be there.

The architect on the Urban Apartments project is Michael Heinrich from Orange Architects and the developer is Fenton Tenth Ave LLC.  More small apartment projects like this will be on tap for the next few years until developers can get financing for condo projects.  Keep an eye out for our next article on condo conversions.  Yes, they’ll be coming back!

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