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Best Margarita in San Diego

In search of the Best Margarita in San Diego… 

…Alright, I’m not sure there is such thing as Margarita season in San Diego.  As the Padres kick of their season and the days start getting longer, it seems like this might be the start of Margarita season.  The pursuit of the best Margaritas in San Diego is a can’t miss deal.  I mean, how bad would second place be?

So the other night my friend Mona and I went up on Bankers Hill to Barrio Star.  At the corner of 5th and Nutmeg, it’s an easy walk from home in Little Italy and also a neihborhood with lots of convenient parking.   The sign above the door announces that Barrio Star  serves “Mexican Soul Food.”  Not sure what that would be–but the food is extraordinary.  Healthy, flavorful ingredients prepared in dishes far different from so many of the Downtown Mexican food options.

Don’t wait for Taco Tuesday to visit Barrio Star.  Happy Hour is 6 nights a week (no Sundays) from 5-7.  Choices like Guadalajara Grilled Corn or the Sliced Cucumbers in cumin and red chile are amazing happy hour food.  But we agreed that the Carnitas Pequenos Bowl was our favorite.

We thought that it is a pretty funky little place–design looks like they’re ready to celebrate Dia de los Muertos every day.  White vinyl booths, many chandeliers and statues are all part of the eclectic decor.

The Barrio Star Margarita

Oh yes, the reason for this rant: The Best Margarita in San Diego.  At Barrio Star there are a handful of margarita choices.  Our server Kelley said just stick with “the star”–the last of the Margarita choices.  It was delicious.  The reason is basic to every great meal or cocktail I’ve ever enjoyed.

INGREDIENTS MATTER.  Every Margarita at Barrio Star is made fresh, from fresh ingredients. And it’s not complicated: Premium white tequila, Fresh (all day, every day) lime juice and organic agave syrup.  Lots of salt on the rim.  Served in a rocks glass–no fish bowls or shakers.  And for Happy Hour at Barrio Star, it’s only $5!

What are your favorite San Diego Margarita places???

I know that Fred’s is rocking all day every day.  What do you think–great place or just easy because it’s in the middle of the Gaslamp?  El Vitral is among my favorite bars in San Diego–has an amazing selection of tequilas.  El Torito?  Would you rank their margaritas at the top of your list?

Check out Barrio Star and let me know what you think.

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