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Burger Legends Now in Downtown San Diego

It’s finally here, it’s finally here!!! Hodad’s, a long-time Ocean Beach burger establishment, has finally opened a location in downtown San Diego! On the corner of 10th Avenue and Broadway, although the official website hasn’t been updated yet (still says downtown location is coming soon). But I saw it with my own eyes – doors open, people feasting on delicious burgers and more!

Chad is going to have to revise his blog “Where is the Best Cheeseburger in Downtown San Diego?”  Now that Hodad’s has taken up residence in downtown, it must be included in the list (and I’d venture to say at the top of the list).

The Menu is simple, but Fantastic!! The main attraction is definitely the burgers, but Hodad’s also serves up grilled cheese, BLT, tuna, veggie burgers, French fries, onion rings & frings, shakes, and a variety of drinks and beer. Prices range from $ 3.75 for a mini burger to $9.50 for the mouth-watering double bacon cheese burger. Add fries for $1.50 and you’ve got yourself a feast!

Guy Fieri knew he’d struck gold when he featured Hodad’s on his show “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”  and if you want to see the magic in the making watch this videoCNN recognizes Hodad’s as one of top 5 Burger Joints in US. But don’t just take their word for it; you’ve got to try it yourself! The Hodad’s website proclaims “World’s Best Burger” – what do you think?

Curious about the name? Well, the word Hodad is a noun, meaning – a non-surfer who spends time at beaches masquerading as a surfer (See also “poser”). Which is fitting since its first location is in the surf community of Ocean Beach, CA, but their burgers are certainly not posers!

Another burger joint is coming to downtown San Diego too! SmashBurger will be going into the East Village in the spring 2011 – how will it compare? With 3 other locations in San Diego County and many throughout the US, it claims to be “City’s favorite place for burgers.” Hmmm…I think we’ll have to have a Hodad’s vs. Smashburger face-off!

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