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Bang-for-the-buck: Downtown’s Best Amenity Buildings

San Diego High Rise Condos

So many home buyers are looking to Downtown San Diego because of the fantastic lifestyle that it provides.  This lifestyle can be enhanced by the level of amenity services provided in a given community.  Typically the level of services provided are directly proportionate to the monthly HOA dues; for example, more services= higher monthly fees.

This theory isn’t always true.

There are a few high-rise buildings in Downtown with an  exceptional amenity packages with surprisingly moderate monthly fees.


Considering a Downtown Condo with luxury amenities without high monthly HOA fees? 

Look no further!

Most home-buyers are looking for the the most lifestyle for the money, but don’t want to pay much more than $500 per month for HOA dues.  There are certainly some great options in this range.  Defining a winner is really subjective, but based on client feedback that we have had over the years, I created a monetary value system attached to specific building amenity features.

How the amenity value system works:  Very simply, I attached a number from 1-5 to specific amenities in newer high-rise buildings that have the most features for the least amount of money.  Note:  The same amenity may or may not have the same value at each building as it is really based on the quality of the feature itself.

Downtown Condos with the most amenities around $500 per month

  • Alta– Located on the edge of the Gaslamp and East Village Neighborhoods.

Amenities:  Overall Building Finish= 4, Pool=5, Jacuzzi=3, Fitness Center=2, Community Room=4, Elegant Lobby=2, Billiards=1, Surveillance Security=1 :   TOTAL=22

Amenities:  Overall Building Finish= 3, ICON Sky Box=5, Fitness Center=4, Community Room=2, Elegant Lobby=2,  Full Time Security=3, ICON Theatre Room=2, Business Center=1:   TOTAL=22

Amenities: Overall Building Finish= 3, Pool=3, Jacuzzi= 2, Fitness Center=1, Community Room=1, Elegant Lobby=1,  Full Time Security=3, Park/ BBQ area= 3:   TOTAL=17

Amenities: Overall Building Finish= 2, Pool=3, Jacuzzi= 2, Fitness Center=1, Community Room=2, Elegant Lobby=1,  Billiards=1, Part Time Security=2, Park/ BBQ area= 3:   TOTAL=17

Based on my quantified value system, I have come up with the following results:

Best Valued Downtown Buildings with moderate HOA Dues

  1. Alta/ ICON-  Tie goes to the winners!
  2. La Vita/ Treo- Another tie!

Bottom line is that if you are considering purchasing a home in any one of these buildings, YOU win. 

Buyers enjoy excellent value for the level of services provided at any one of these communities.  The deciding factor is truly subjective and it comes down to how you as an individual utilize the features provided.

If you are interested in finding more about the communities listed, give us a call!  (858) 531-8785

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