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South Embarcadero Visionary Plan

Downtown San Diego

The proposal of Phase III Convention Center Expansion is extremely intriguing, particularly with the South Embarcadero Visionary Plan.

The South Embarcadero element of the Convention Center Expansion will significantly activate and enhance the existing convention center site, as well as the surrounding  property to the South near the new Hilton Bayfront Hotel.

After numerous community meetings, the public feedback for the San Diego Convention Center Expansion and South Embarcadero Visionary Plan offered several key points:

  • More Contiguous Convention Space, keeping the height of the new facility the same as the existing Convention Center site.
  •  Create a 5-acre waterfront park called ‘Sky Park’ with enhanced 360 degree views of downtown, Coronado and the San Diego Bay.
  • Energizing the waterfront by adding a pedestrian promenade with approximately 30,000 sf space for retail shops, restaurants and a water transportation center along the promenade that would enhance public amenities and invigorate the South Embarcadero.

The Fentress | Portman | Civitas Designed Convention Center


The  Board of Directors of the San Diego Convention Center Corporation (SDCCC) voted to approve Fentress Architects/John Portman & Associates/Civitas Inc.

The Fentress design overwhelmingly won the votes of the SDCCC because it fits into the natural landscape, while addressing the need for adding a tremendous amount of exhibit meeting space.

Fentress ranks in the Top 10 Green Design Firms, and the new Convention Center Design will include sustainable elements such as energy-efficient lighting, integration of photovoltaic solar panels, storm water retention and water filtration, wind energy, a green roof, recycling and composting have all been folded into the proposed design.  One of the major priorities for the new design proposal for the Convention Center Expansion is to be LEED Certified by the USGBC.  Having such credibility for this major civic space would certainly place San Diego in the forefront of Sustainable Green Design.

One of the most exciting elements of the South Embarcadero Visionary Plan is the proposed ‘Sky Park’.

Sky Park- Downtown San Diego

The Sky Park atop the Phase III Expansion of the San Diego Convention Center is proposed as a 5-acre waterfront park adjacent to the South Embarcadero.  The new 5-Acre Park will create a stunning civic destination for all of our residents to enjoy, as well the hundreds of thousands of visitors who come to events at the Convention Center each year.

Downtown’s East Village will benefit greatly by the Sky Park, as the new Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge grants residents direct access to all of the aforementioned amenities of the South Embarcadero.

Imagine, strolling over the Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge to a “World Class” Public Park, to enjoy a picnic, sunset, or even a concert!

If the beautiful vantage point of the Sky Park isn’t enough to attract, the addition of a tree-lined walking promenade along the bayfront with a multitude of new waterfront dining and shopping destinations should make the South Embarcadero one of Downtown’s Top Attractions!

South Embarcadero Promenade

The Convention Center Expansion will inspire patrons to enjoy the Southern End of Downtown’s Bayfront, with a new tree-lined walking promenade, featuring restaurants, boutiques, and a variety of shopping attractions.  The Promenade is designed to be a heavily trafficked destination along our pristine bayfront, with the intent to enhance public access to the area as well
as provide a safe and scenic link along the Embarcadero between the Hilton San
Diego Bayfront and South Embarcadero Park.

The proposal for such an ambitious civic space is truly a necessity as San Diego has already outgrown its current convention center space.  The project will undoubtedly improve the South Embarcadero region, but most importantly, it will create over 7,000 jobs, and will be a major contributor to the economic engine for the city.  Downtown residents and visitors alike will hopefully see this magnificent piece of Downtown’s future, become a reality very soon!

Stay tuned.

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