Welcome to San Diego Blog | March 23, 2011

The Bagel Club | 181 W. Market St. San Diego

Hey, we have a new guy in town in the Marina District.  A much needed competitor offering good coffee and great bagels.  Try them out, I sat down and worked on my computer for an hour and never heard a negative comment or word.   The bagel and cream cheese I had was terrific and the people were friendly and helpful.  Nothing like having coffee and meeting people and making friends.

The shop is appealing and spacious offering comfortable lounge chairs as well at hardback chairs and tables.  The bagel club offers a variety of cream cheeses and spreads for your pleasure.  The shop is easy to locate just under the Horizons building on Broadway.  Stop in and give them a  try and let me know what you think of their food and service.

Written by: david

Categories: Coffee Shop, Downtown San Diego, Marina District, Marina District Real Estate, Restaurant

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