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Sidewalk Improvement Program

East Village- Downtown San Diego:

An ongoing public improvement project that has been taking place in Downtown’s largest neighborhood is the East Village  Sidewalk Improvement Program.

Marketed by Center City Development Corporation (CCDC) as a part of   “A Paradise in Progress” program has initiated approximately $1.2 Million in public funds toward much needed sidewalk improvements throughout the East Village.  The projectwas broken down into four quadrants and it will take a little over 1 year to complete .

Work is currently being completed in the Third Quadrant of the East Village with the expectation of completion by the middle of September.  Quadrant 4, covering the area from Park Boulevard to 17th is projected to begin September 17th and the project should wrap up by the end of the year.

The East Village Sidewalk Improvement Project is yet another step towards a vastly upgraded quality of life in Downtown San Diego’s largest neighborhood.

As the East Village Neighborhood continues to grow and improve, the demand for public improvement projects increase as more residents and businesses require better accessibility to their homes and businesses.

The East Village is becoming one of the most sought after residential neighborhoods in Downtown, and with improved sidewalks and walkways, life in the East Village just got a little bit better!

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